TWD Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

February 21, 2012

I admit that I chickened out on the first Tuesdays With Dorie assignment. The thought of baking bread from scratch was just to intimidating for me. So I figured I’d start with the Chocolate Truffle Tartlets instead. Because I do not have mini tart pans, my tart was full-sized.

As I have mentioned before, I just keep finding little goodies in the crevices and corners of my basement. My house has been in the family for over 50 years and so you never know what you will find. During my last expedition  I came across a vintage Tupperware pastry mat. After a little scrubbing it was good as new!

Anyway, the tart dough came together quite easily in the food processor and I was able to use my “new” mat to roll it out to the right size for my pan. The filling was also simple enough, but I think it was not enough to fill my full-size tart pan. The finished product was a bit patchy and not very pretty, but it tasted good! I loved white & milk chocolate and biscotti that was mixed in.

Poor little ugly duckling.


8 Responses to “TWD Chocolate Truffle Tartlets”

  1. judy said

    Love the story about the baking mat. Your tart certainly looks yummy and IMHO, that’s what counts.

  2. vrolok1977 said

    i bought a pastry mat and it made a huge difference! i love that you found yours 🙂

  3. jane said

    Looks great, happy baking

  4. Cher said

    Hey, if it tasted good, it is good!
    What a great find in the mat – it’s always fun to come across things like that.

  5. Alice said

    you should get a copy of Peter Reinhart’s “Artisan Breads Everyday” book – it makes bread baking manageable, un-scary and you get some delicious breads that you baked all by your lonesome – or with help 🙂 and it really builds your confidence with each recipe if you start at the beginning and developing your sense for bread baking and success with it. He does the best job so far of getting the nervous bread baker (once me) baking great loaves all the time! 😉

    Great job with your tarts!

  6. Wendy said

    How cool that you found the mat! Your tart slice looks yummy!

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